The Manipulation-Act

You will wonder when a billiard ball turns into a lemon, little coins will become large and cards appear out of nowhere. With this brilliant performance Matthias Rauch won the highest magic awards and travels all over the world. He fascinated the guests of the »Magic Castle« in Hollywood (USA) and performs for an audience of millions in the French television. Enjoy the masterpiece manipulation-act of Matthias Rauch with handmade illusions, perfect coordinated to modern music.

A Date with a magician

Two pieces of tissue paper are torn several times. The torn pieces are crumpled together, and when opened out they have transformed into something magical. A non verbal magic act with almost nothing - just Matthias, a bit of champagne, lot of fun and a lovely lady from the audience!

The MC

Matthias Rauch is also a fabulous emcee and entertainer for your next gala show. He speaks English fluently and pulls the strings of your evening-show together. He has worked in many theatres and varieties as a host and Master of Ceremonies.

The Bumble Bee

This act is a parody to the best magicians of the world. A tribute to many different manipulation acts. Topas, Jeff McBride, Silvan, Fred Kaps and Peter Marvey - in only one act! You will remember this act and all of the typical gestures of the high class.

The Lecture

(Only for magicians)

Matthias Rauch doesn't just show a simple lecture. It´s the perfect match between education and entertainment. During his lecture Matthias gives you insights into his thoughts about creating magic. The participant of his lecture gets an all-round crash course in creating a piece of magic - from the initial idea to the finished product. The lecture deals with important theories about magic, practical advices and some anecdotes from his life as a first class magician. Working in showbuisness for over ten years - this lecture has it all: It´s educational, it´s interactive and most of all highly entertaining.